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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Kerry Collins joins the Colts for Insurance

With Manning still rehabbing that neck, the Colts have signed Kerry Collins to the roster. Collins will most likely be the starter in game 1 if Manning can't go.

"Hopefully, Peyton will be back, but if he's not, maybe I can be one of the guys that can help this ballclub," Collins said in a conference call with reporters Wednesday night. "The biggest draw for me coming here was just being with a team that I have a lot of respect for and a lot of history with, and really to be with a great team and play with one of greatest quarterbacks of all time."

Colts players did not welcome Collins with open arms.

"We don't even know him, we ain't vanilla, man, we ain't no simple offense," wide receiver Reggie Wayne said. "So for him to come in here and be the starter, I don't see it. I think that's a step back."

News flash Reggie; your starters haven't scored a TD yet in the preseason with Curtis Painter under center. I understand team unity and sticking up for your teammate, but a veteran Collins who doesn't know the offense is still better than Curtis Painter.

Reggie continued to make numerous comments about supporting Painter. It's almost like they were excited about Manning being down during training camp. Wayne stated that "with Manning not here, we get to have fun and not work as hard".

This tells us how valuable Manning is and what he means to this team. I think this is serious enough where these Colts players won't play hard for Collins. If Manning can't go, don't look for the Colts to win a game until he's back under center.

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