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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

New Division Rankings After Week 4 For AFC

We are now a fourth of the way through the season and we have a pretty good idea of what teams are made out of this season, and where they are headed.  You can check my preseason rankings blogs from division to division to see where I had everyone.  After 4 games and a lot of parody around the league, some things have changed.  Let's take a look at the Predicted standings for the end of the year.


4. Miami Dolphins - The bad thing is when you pull up the Dolphins website there is a picture of Dan Marino.  You have to move on and get new talent that can play today.  There will be a new coach next year and a new quarterback.  They finish 3-13.

3.  Buffalo Bills - I love this team, but this schedule is brutal.  They have the play the NFC East, Patriots, Jets twice, the Titans, and the Chargers.  They may play spoiler for some teams, but they will finish 9-7

2.  New York Jets - I'm not impressed with this team this year, and if they get this spot it will be because they beat the Bills in the regular season, which I think they will.  Jets finish 10-6

1.  New England Patriots - This team has the easiest schedule of all the teams in the East, so they will win the division hands down.  I see them ending up 13-3 with a first round bye in the playoffs.


4. Cincinnati Bengals - This team has beaten the good teams and lost to the bad teams, so who are they?  The defense looks good, but they are young and play a tough schedule.  They finish 5-11 this year in last place in the North.

3.  Cleveland Browns - This team is one year away from surpassing the Steelers for second place in this division,  They will get swept by Baltimore and could split with Pittsburgh.  They have a lighter schedule, so I see them winning 9 games and finishing with a winning record.

2. Pittsburgh Steelers - The Steelers schedule isn't too bad, but this team isn't great anymore.  They are getting older, and they will miss Harrison on defense.  By beating the Browns and Bengals, they will finish 10-6 but I don't think they make the playoffs.

1.  Baltimore Ravens -  Defense is getting old?  Not quite yet!  This team looks really good.  And with a pretty easy schedule, this team will win 13 games but they will have to travel to Foxborough in the playoffs if it comes to that.  What an interesting match that would be.


4. Kansas City Chiefs - There isn't much to say about this team.  They miss Charlie Weiss and they have way too many injuries on both sides of the ball.  They will lose to the Colts this weekend and they will finish 3-13 overall.

3.  Denver Broncos - I never thought I would see a John Fox team with a fan base controlling the team chemistry.  Everyone seems to want Tebow for some reason, but it they get their wish, I don't see them doing much better.  This team finishes 5-11 this year.

2.  San Diego Chargers - So I've waffled back and forth but with an extremely tough schedule and Antonio Gates banged up, I'm not a fan of this team.  Rivers seems to be making some bone-headed decisions this year as well, so I have them finishing 9-7 this year.

1. Oakland Raiders - I'm sticking my neck out here for the Raiders because I love McFadden.  I see them winning 10 or 11 games this year based on their schedule.  Projection:  10-6 cause they will split with the Chargers this year.


4.  Indianapolis Colts - This breaks my heart to put the Colts down here at number four.  Because of what's playing out, I still think Peyton Manning should win the league MVP this year.  They have played better the last two weeks and I do think they win the next two games then sweep the Jags, so they will finish 4-12.

3  Jacksonville Jaguars - This team is bad, and I think they may be below the Colts if the they are swept by Indy, cause they will finish with the same record.  4-12 for the Jags.

2.  Tennessee Titans - This team is much improved and a lot better than I thought they would be.  They will finish 9-7 this year because they have a difficult schedule, but great job to new coach Muchack for having them playing so well.

1.  Houston Texans - Losing Andre Johnson is a huge blow but the Texans still have Arian Foster and Ben Tate, so don't be too concerned with this team.  They will finish 11-5 and win the division easily.

This is my quarter season AFC breakdown and predictions.  Weigh in on your thoughts and if you agree or disagree and let me know what you think will happen going forward!

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