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Friday, September 30, 2011

Fantasy Football Review through Week 3

Things have played out fairly similar to what I predicted early on before the season started in my first blog, but there has been a few surprises.  The biggest one:  The Lions!  Davis has orchestrated a 3-0 start putting up a whopping 294.5 points, nearly 100 per game.  He has the second best running back in the NFL right now and inter-changeable quarterbacks that he can swap out each week based on match ups.
Another big surprise is the 3-0 Big Red Machine.  The loss of Kenny Britt is going to hurt him in the receiving corp, but he has Aaron Rodgers and THE best back in the league in Darren McFadden.  Great start to the season Willie!

The usually strong Acehole bandits have failed to reach 170 points through 3 games, mainly because they failed to draft a running back until the 4th round.  Then they took Steven Jackson who is bound to miss most of the season due to injuries.  I like the two quarterbacks and Andre Johnson, but beyond that there isn't much to be desired on this roster.

Even worse are the Punishers, mainly because of all the smack talking they've done all year and have yet to win a game.  On paper, the roster looks decent, but they are cursed by the devils tongue.  Quit talking, get off your "train", and manage the team and win some games.

My squad, the Dawgpound, are a solid 2-1 only because I've lucked out with my opposition not scoring many points.  The Falcons are killing me with Matt Ryan and Michael Turner playing sub-par football, and Mike Wallace is my only legitimate receiver threat.  I'll be the first to say unless I can make some smart free agent acquisitions, I will be in trouble this year.
Despite losing Charles, the Dynamites are still the team I thought they were and they will win that division.  Way to draft all those running backs buddy.

Dawgpound and Big Red Machine are the only two teams that have not had 200+ points scored on them, which explains are solid records.  Despite being 2-1, Chit Luck is much improved and has scored 286 points.  Way to go Mort!

Honorable mention goes to the Gamblers and the Munchers.  The Legion of Doom have outscored both teams in their division, but they've also given up more points, so it's the luck of the draw.

We're getting deep into the season already and this is the week where teams will start creating separation.  Good luck to everyone this week.  My team is not great, but I'm having fun writing about everyone and I hope you enjoy reading it!

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Anonymous said...

Nice blog Payno. You left out the stinky Salad Tossers but there's not to much to say about those Bums. L.O.D. did change the QB sitution and are now primed to win it all. Hillis being a late scratch cost me high score for the year.
Doomers ridin dirty this year!