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Sunday, September 25, 2011

What Should Have Happened

All 32 teams trimmed their rosters down to 53 before the start of the regular season and are stuck with those guys.  Sure they can sign free agents, propose trades, and put guys on the bench, but they can't get those guys back that signed with other teams.  After two weeks of NFL action, we take a look at what teams should have done in the off season. 

The New York Football Giants made a couple of huge mistakes at the receiver position.  The first one was trusting that Dominick Hixon was going to stay healthy for the entire year.  If they had any chance to bring back Plaxico Burress they shot it down quickly saying "Hixon, Nicks, and Manningham are our guys."  This marks the third straight year that Hixon has went out with season ending injuries, tearing both ACL's along with other constant lingering injuries.  My belief is his career is over, at least in New York.  Then the Gmen decided to let Steve Smith go out and sign with division rival Philadelphia Eagles.  Sure he was coming off an injury, but he was the possession receiver on this team who wasn't scared to go over the middle of the field and grab those third down receptions.  A year and a half ago, the Giants were considered to have one of the best young receiving groups in the league.  Now they are thin with only Nicks in the lineup today, with Manningham out with an injury.  Plax would have been a nice option opposite Hakeem Nicks with Steve Smith in the slot.  Oh, and a guy named Kevin Boss at tight end would have been a great compliment in the passing game, but they got rid of him too.

I realize that the Colts signed Kerry Collins a week before the Jaguars cut David Garrard, but wouldn't he seem to be a better fit in the Colts offense?  The offensive line is brutal, and Collins is too old and not mobile enough to keep plays alive.  He's a sitting duck back there every pass play.  At least Garrard could move around in the pocket and keep plays alive.  Living in Indianapolis, it's tough to see the Colts 0-2.  If Manning can't come back, the players they do have are going to want out.  They will also be looking for a new head coach.  This team will virtually be an expansion team next year if Manning's career is over.

Remember two years ago when the Seahawks gave Charlie Whitehurst more money than any other backup quarterback at the time?  So why did they bring Travaris Jackson in from the Vikings and give him the starting job from day one?  Pete Carroll has to realize he's not in the college ranks any longer.  You can't just throw a quarterback in and expect him to be successful right away.  He's going to make mistakes.  I'm not saying Whitehurst is the guy, but he did win the season finale for the Seahawks last season to give them the division crown.  What has Jackson done in his career?

After two weeks, Matt Forte accounts for 60% of the Bears offense.  Why have they not paid this man?  The Bears have all their money tied up on the defensive side of the ball, while Cutler is getting pounded every week behind a dismal offensive line.  He also has no true receiver to throw to.  This is why Forte gets so many looks, because he's the only play maker they have.  The Bears either need to add some more talent on the offensive side of the ball, or pay Forte the money he has earned.  That division is much better now and if they can't bring Forte back next year, they will find themselves at the bottom.

I'm sure we will see some free agent signings throughout the season because of key injuries.  Maybe the Giants go after T.O.  Curtis Painter may get some action in Indy.  Jackson may stay in at QB so the Seahawks can assure themselves of getting Andrew Luck in the draft.  We will just have to wait and see.


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