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Friday, September 30, 2011

Why Haven't the Colts Contacted Garrard?

To say that the Indianapolis Colts quarterback situation is in disarray would be an understatement.  Kerry Collins has been absolutely brutal, and Curtis Painter doesn't show much promise as a replacement.  They went out this week and resigned Dan Orlovsky, and are bringing in Brodie Croyle to try out for the team.  But why haven't they contacted David Garrard?
There seems to be some kind of plague against Garrard, who threw 23 touchdown passes and 15 interceptions last year and made a Pro Bowl yet doesn't seem to have any teams willing to give him a shot.  If you look at the Colts offensive line, they are young, haven't played many games together, and have a rookie left tackle.  With this type of line you need a quarterback that can extend the play and Collins is too old to do that.  Painter and Orlovsky don't have enough experience to do this, and they're both pocket passers.  David Garrard isn't a speedster, but he is able to move around in the pocket and create plays with his legs and buy time for his receivers to get open.

Let's face it, Dallas Clark is the epitome of a pass catching tight end.  He's not going to stay in and block too many defensive ends and outside linebackers successfully. They need a quarterback with a quick release that can extend plays and get the ball out of his hands. 

At this point with the quarterbacks available, David Garrard would be their best option to win some games.  None of the QB's on the roster are going to get the job done for them.  May be they should give McAfee a shot at QB.  The fans seem to be a favorite of this.

As for a Peyton Manning return this season, don't count on it. Colts owner Jim Irsay delivered some mixed messages on the topic Monday morning, but it continues to look like even a December return borders on pipe-dream status. NFL Network's Albert Breer reported last week that Manning is dealing with a nine- to 12-month rehabilitation process, which would have him ready for training camp in 2012.  It doesn't look like they will be competing for a Super Bowl at home this season.

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